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AK-47 Parts
Prices Subject to Change based on Availability
  AK-47 Wood Stocks & Hand Guards  

M70B1 / Tabuk WS Stock Set


Also includes hard-to-find rubber butt pad. Will need light sanding and staining. We can add the military style serial number on the stock for the Yugo M70B1 for a $10 extra fee. Not US Made





M70B1 / Tabuk WS Stock

We can add the military style serial number on the stock for the Yugo M70B1 for a $10 extra fee.



M70B1 / Tabuk WS Handguards

Not US Made.




M70B1 / M72 / M76 / Tabuk WS Butt Padd

Comes with stock reinforcing washer and two small screws


Yugo M70B1 and M72 Rear Trunnions

Impossible to find. New US made. With receiver cover capture pin hole or without.


Yugo Front Night Sight Spring

(These are very hard to find - New Replacement Part)

If purchased alone, shipping is price of 1st Class Stamp

Yugo Grenade Launching Spigot $14.95
Yugo Milled Straight Stock Selector Lever


Limited number back in Stock

Yugo Fire Control Group Parts (* Denotes NFA Part)
1a - Stamped Receiver Sear *
1b - Milled Receiver Sear *
2a - Stamped Receiver Trigger
2b - Milled Receiver Trigger
3 - Hammer
4 - Auto Disconnector *
5 - Hammer Delay Spring *

6 - Hammer Delay *

Set of Trigger, Hammer, Sear, Delay & Spring
Yugo Milled Receiver Floor Plate $9.95

Yugo Stock Bolt Wedge for Milled Receivers

(2 types available as in pic)

Other Items




Two Rivers Arms T-Shirt


Large, X-Large, XX-Large



Complete Tokarev Pistol Spring Set

8 US made replacement springs for your Tokarev to include the master link

(Sear Spring not currently available)


Iraqi Tabuk Manual

100% accurate Iraqi AK-47 Manual in Arabic. Made from impossible to find original.


We Got Him! - A Memoir of the Hunt and Capture of Saddam Hussein

Autographed by the author who is also president and founder of Two Rivers Arms

Shipping Rates
  Prices do not include shipping. Shipping of these parts follows standard USPS Priority Mail rates for small, medium and large flat rate boxes and rates range between $6.95 to $14.95 with insurance included. For very small parts, amounts will be less and shipped in mailer padded envelopes.  

Orders can be placed via Email to We offer a variety of payment methods.

For phone and credit card orders please call 405-331-0008.