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Custom Builds and Welding Service






Two Rivers Arms Custom Work,

Welding, Restorations and Services

If you need a firearm or part welded, we can probably help at a very reasonable price. We can build a variety of firearms with a special interest in WWI & II, Combloc and modern weapons. Older weapons are also possible if of a military nature. Our staff can MIG, TIG and Spot Weld. We can also expertly hot blue a rilfe to look like the traditional military European methods.

Pictures help us give you the most accurate quote. If we can see it we can accurately estimate it. Queries are best done by email at While we don't mind visiting with our great customers, please keep in mind that when we are on the phone, we are not on the bench finsihing your rifle or our production line rifles. That is why we prefer email with pics for the most accurate order and estimate of price.

We take painstaking care in researching each rifle or project. We can restore firearms to look like when they left the factory. If it would not be welcome in our collection, it does not get out our doors.


TIG, MIG. All types of steel. Also Aluminum
$65.00 / Hr plus exp.
    Build Service
AKs, PSLs, and most common kits of various types (includes finish in most cases)
$550-$650 plus parts
Rewelded receivers, replaced barrels, fabricated parts, stocks
$65.00 / Hr plus parts
Hot Blue, Battlefield Blue, Cerakote
Gunsmithing, Engraving, Notching. We can recreate most combloc weapon markings
Email for quote
PAP-70, Saiga, MAK-90, etc.
$325 & up plus parts

For rifle sales 405-745-7179.
For parts availability, custom orders, or general questions and information
contact us at

or call 405-331-0008.

For custom work, builds or or unique questions, please email us at